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We assist multinational companies, start-ups & entrepreneurs in their global mobility. Columbus has an extensive scope of services from immigration to business packages to cover all business needs of foreign companies and entrepreneurs who are looking to make a successful, quick and easy entry into the U.S. market.


Immigration Services

Please see see below our offering of immigration services in conjunction with its network of highly experienced professional partners,
knowledgeable immigration Attorneys and experts, dedicated to adding value to the success of your business.

The hub has a strong focus on investors’ visas (E), O1-extraordinary ability
as well as Green Card processes (EB1-extraordinary ability, NIW, and Perm based green cards).

Non-Immigrant - NON-WORKING Visas

Visa Waiver Program
Temporary Visitors
(B-1 Visa)

Non-Immigrant - EMPLOYMENT BASED Visas

Specialty Occupation
(H1-B Visa)
Company Transfers
‍(L Visa)
Extraordinary Ability
(O Visas)
Treaty Trader
(E Visas)

Immigrant Visas

Green Card

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Our mobility process


Phase 1 - Pre-launch: plan your U.S. project 

This is a consultative phase with specialists to anticipate and plan your project in the US; expose your project, goals and understand in advance what are your best options and strategy in terms of creating a company, visas for you and / or your employees as well as taxation / fiscal matters.


Phase 2 - Launch

Once your options have been established and you are ready to start your project and operations in the United States, it is time to move on to the implementation phase of your business with establishing the incorporation of your company and launching the visa procedure as previously determined in phase 1.


Phase 3 - Post Launch

This is a follow-up for any matters related to immigration and business operations after obtaining the visas to prepare the arrival of new employees or other visa-related issues.

Our Packages

On-demand business services

We have prepared several packaged offers to guide you along the different phases of your establishment in the United States.

1.  US project feasibility

3 X 45 minutes consultations to plan your project in the US & define your best options:

  1. Corporate Law (creation of US company)
  2. Immigration : Determine your best visa option
  3. Accounting and international taxation – Expert in your industry/field
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2. Launching your US business
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  • Company incorporation :
    Creation in selected States / authorization to do business / operating agreement / certificate of Inc. / Bylaws / EIN number
  • Visa procedures and case management
    Assistance & guidance with process from visa strategy, onboarding to final submission
  • Option for Adds-on : see below our à la carte services.
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3. Post launch follow-up
/ 5 hours


Consultations on immigration related issues

Business Development

Consultation on business development & marketing matters

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A la carte with any Business Package:

Market research & study - Market Briefing– Business Plan – Financial forecast – International Tax & accounting
Salary simulator and tax equalization – Assistance with Bank account opening – Intellectual Property
Office lease – Contracts negotiation and drafting – Corporate video and advertising –

All of our packages can be adapted to fit your needs.

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