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Columbus Business Services has launched a Collective of top industry experts committed to assist you beyond the crisis in a "BACK TO BUSINESS" state of mind.

Whether you need assistance to adapt your business to emerging circumstances or you seek to reinvent your business with a vision to open it to new opportunities and endeavors, you can benefit from these experts’ unique and cutting-edge international experience and understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs & CEOs cross-industries.

Please meet with our panel of experts below, and do not hesitate to reach out to request a consultation. Hourly rates and day rates are available to give you the most flexibility for speedy and timely assistance.

Furthermore, at least $5 of each consultancy will go towards Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.


Meet our collective of industry experts

With a pragmatic approach based upon their extensive field expertise, they are able to respond to any specific questions or matters in your industry.

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Trusted insights

We give you an exclusive and direct access to a collective of knowledge from prominent experts in their industry. You can rely on their extensive experience in leading positions and cutting-edge expertise in the U.S. to achieve your goals.

Strategic advice

Our industry experts will provide you with an unparalleled know-how and the most relevant strategic solutions to assist you overcome the business challenges you have come to experience.


Our collective of experts is to assist you meet the needs of the present providing you with a sustainable and stable environment to map out the future of your business. The concept of sustainability relies mainly of being surrounded by the right people.

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