Maxime Masraff

Introduction to the US recruitment field, Recruitment strategy across North America and Europe including, Scaling recruitment in the US

Los Angeles, California amd across the US
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With over 20 years of professional experience, Maxime is a bicultural recruitment expert. Originally from France, he has built his
career mainly in the US (New York, Houston, and Los Angeles). Based in Los Angeles, he is currently the Managing Director for Michael Page (PageGroup is a world leader in middle management recruitment with more than 8000 employees globally) in charge of scaling the US operation. He is well versed with the cultural challenges, an often an underestimating area for European companies. Maxime will be able to advise you on the following topics :

  1. Recruitment strategy across North America and Europe including 
    a. What profile to search for?
    b. How to find the right profile?
    c. How to interview and evaluate talent? (especially for non-American hiring manager)
    d. What is a candidate “friendly “process? How to avoid losing candidate interest?
    e. How to offer the right package?
    f. How to work with agencies?
  2. Scaling recruitment in the US (Maxime has been a key contributor in growing Michael Page from 50 to 450 people) 
    a. How to manage US sales force? compensation, commission, KPIs, management…
    b. How to manage staff turnover and the key to reduce it ?

Scope of consulting:

  1. Introduction to the US recruitment field (cultural differences, US profiles, Salaries, Challenges …)
  2. Recruitment strategy (job description, recruitment process, agency selection and management, candidate evaluation, offer management…)
  3. Recruitment:
    a. Managing the recruitment process as a middle man : Maxime will manage both the agency relations and the internal relations to insure the most efficient process 
    b. Recruitment as an agency : Maxime will source, identify, select and deliver a shortlist of candidates based on your needs.
    c. Cost and Duration based on project

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