Alexandre Robicquet

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in Theory and in Production, Entrepreneurship / Start-Up, B2B / SaaS, eCommerce, Trans-Atlantic Transition (France to US), Fundraising in the US Vs Fundraising in Europe

San Francisco, CA
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Alexandre received 3 degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and had his first publication at the age of 21. He obtained his 2 first Masters degrees in Mathematics and Machine Learning at the age of 23 from one of the most prestigious French University's (ENS-Cachan) and was offered a full scholarship to Stanford to pursue a third Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence. All the while, he held two positions as a Research Assistant for the last 4 years under Sebastian Thrun (founder of Google X) and Silvio Savarese. At the age of 25, with more than 6 international publications at the time, he has co-founded with Dr Emile Contal and Dr Sebastian Thrun a company in Artificial Intelligence, Crossing Minds, and raised more than 5 million dollars to create the most personalized and empathetic recommendation engine named  In 2017, Alexandre became a global sensation after YSL featured him as their AI ambassador and was also invited to the International St Gallen Symposium in Switzerland as one of the 100 leaders of tomorrow.

Alexandre is also involved in the spirits’ business with his father, Jean- Sebastien Robicquet, who is the founder of Maison Villevert, the creator of Cîroc Vodka, and other luxury spirits such as G’Vine and The Quintinyne.


  • first international publication in AI at the age of 21
  • first 2 masters at the age of 23
  • scholarship to Stanford as Research Assistant at the age of 24
  • 3rd master from Stanford University at the age of 26
  • more than 2143 citations and more than 10 international publication (including Nature Medicine etc..)
  • founded his first company with Sebastian Thrun (ex google x founder) and Emile Contal in 2016 (at the age of 25) raised more than 5.5m in a seed round lead by index Venture and supported by Sound Venture (Ashton Kutcher), You and Mr Jones, etc…
  • YSL Ambassador
  • St Gallen Symposium - elected one of the 100 leaders of tomorrow 2018
  • Techcrunch SF - Best 20 Start Ups 2018

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